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[09.25.07 update]

Many people have told me that they don’t enjoy Leehom’s lastest album as much as his previous albums. As is with all things, it’s much more meaningful when we are able to understand the background and surrounding stories. Below is an excellent set of videos with Leehom explaining his “Change Me” concept himself. He runs through the entire track list and shares with us his intentions. We also get a behind-the-scenes look at three of his music videos. If you’re curious, check it out. (Note: Videos are in mandarin.)

[09.24.07 update]

There is a relatively similar theme (however people argue that it’s minor) between these two television dramas released this year. “Hana Kimi” is based off of the Japanese manga series and is a Taiwanese production featuring Ella Chen, Wu Zun, and Jiro Wang. “Coffee Prince” is based on a Korean novel and is a Korean production featuring Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo. The two series have become huge hits across Asia.

In both stories, the female lead dresses up as a man initially with different intentions, but ultimately so to stay beside the man they secretly admire. Both ladies are unable to reveal their true identity because (1) for whatever reason, the fellow males are too dense to realize there is a girl among them; and (2) because the females are willing to choose comfortable guy-to-guy friendship over the risk of a possible guy-girl romance. Eventually, this causes some hilarious consequences as the male leads start to question their own sexual preference. Thus, both stories also explore the topic of homosexuality (but it just barely touches the surface). If you are interested in watching them, check out my “Sites” page for possible resources. (Extensive review and episode summaries of “Coffee Prince” can be found at Dramabeans.)

I’ve said this before – I really enjoy watching fanmade videos. It’s so interesting to see how scene cuts were selected (from more than 16 hours worth of videos) and compiled together. However talented the maker and however proficient the video software may be, I know that the creative process take a lot of time and effort. Both MVs above were made by the same person, so the aspect of comparision can be easily made. And I vastly enjoyed the “Coffee Prince” video more.

[09.15.07 update]

[06.01.07 update]

A group of college students (now alums) immensely dedicated to their passion in digital media production – and it shows.

[05.30.07 update]


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