Tres Leches Cake

Too bad I can’t really eat any since it combines almost every single milk product out there… evaporated milk, condensed milk, whipping cream, whole milk. (I hear my intestines complaining already.) But it turned out very good!


thanksgiving feast by me

Made from scratch by me, myself, and I..! ^^

Roasted Turkey

Smoked Maple Ham


Giblet Gravy

Chive and Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Roasted Hazelnut and Sausage Dressing

Green Bean Casserole

Cranberry Sauce

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Pumpkin Cheesecake

dream another dream


After watching “Wall-E” a while ago, I was filled with a sense of strangeness… Did this occur to anyone else? It took me a few minutes after the movie ended to come to my senses – that I was still living on this earth, and the state of the earth shown in the movie is unrealistic and impossible (well, maybe). It was a good movie.

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Sushi endeavor for Father’s Day!

Inside-out California Roll

Inside-out California Roll

Salmon roll, Unagi roll

Salmon roll, Unagi roll

For my coworks.. yum..

For my coworks.. yum..


detouring from the norm.


I had been planning and anticipating this for a month..
My trip this past weekend was fulfilling in so many ways.
Where should I begin…

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lost in translation.

LISTEN: 郭靜 (Claire Kuo) – “在树上唱歌 (Singing in the Trees)”

Over the course of this past week, I’ve realized that there are moments when I want to use a certain Chinese phrase to convey myself, but was unable to do so because it was hard to translate them smoothly to English. I’m aware that a certain amount of idea or expression is lost in translation going from one language to any other language. But at the right moments, being able to use these phrase seems very 妙 (meaning clever or ingenious); so I’m saddened that I can’t use them. Here is a list of a couple of common phrases (to me) that I can think of…

  1. 大惊小怪
  2. 难怪
  3. 过奖
  4. 随便
  5. 不见得
  6. 胡说八道
  7. 矛盾
  8. 过瘾
  9. 你客气了
  10. 少来
  11. 后会有期
  12. 不至于
  13. 不好意思
  14. 脸皮很厚

peeping peas

Peeping Peas

LISTEN: MC Mong (feat. Navi) – “Simple Love”

Guess what I made this weekend?

韩国泡菜 or Korean kimchi.

They’re still fermenting so I haven’t tasted it fully yet…
But I stole some earlier and they taste pretty good. =]

I know there are lots of different ways to make kimchi..
Some add apples, fish, oysters.. And others leave certain things out..
So the one I made may not be the best tasting, but it’s not bad.

Some day, once I gain enough experience under my belt…
I’m going to invite my friends to a full-course meal – made by me.

Mark my words. =]

My goal in the near future: learn to make sushi rolls.