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Black & White

[2009 Taiwanese Original Television Series]
“痞子英雄 ” aka “BLACK & WHITE”

B&W 1

LISTEN: [OST] Color Band – “鐵人 (Iron Man)”

We’re more than halfway through the year of 2009, and boy, this year has been packed with high quality television works. (Not that I’m complaining.) Usually, the ones to make it to the top of my list are always Korean productions, but this year the Taiwanese drama “Black & White” has set the bar. (This post was supposed to be published months ago, but alas, my procrastination skills have proved once again that it shall not be underestimated.)

Taiwanese idol dramas have always been notoriously known for handsome boys and pretty girls, fictional romance, and luxurious things that are far from reality. Being pressured by Korean and Japanese dramas, Taiwan’s low-cost production has been incapable of continually capturing the audiences’ hearts. In such an embarrassing situation, if there is a director and actor of a drama that are daring enough to break this trend and establish a new standard for Taiwanese dramas, that courage is enough to name that drama as unusual. (excerpt from Sina, translated by xbunnylicious@asianfanatics)

From the person who brought ground-breaking dramas like “Meteor Garden” to the Taiwanese entertainment industry, director Cai Yue Xun (more info) is again setting a new standard in Taiwanese television dramas.

Synopsis. Pi Zi (Vic Zhou), as his name suggests, is a playful police officer who fears death, loves to flirt with girls, and has a hidden secret that he doesn’t even know the answers to.  Ying Xiong (Mark Zhao), the “hero” of the police department, is the exact opposite of Pi Zi. His aggressive temper, overzealousy to act alone, and utter belief in justice also makes him the “headache” of the police department. Together, albeit only after a couple episodes of bonding time, Pi Zi and Ying Xiong work to solve powerful forces of crime and corruption.

In short, this is the first of such a giant high-budget production to hit the Taiwanese main stream: large cast, magnificent scenes, life-like explosions, high-speed camera angles, etc. The cinematography is beautiful and the storylines are well-written and tight. Each episode plays out like a movie, and the suspense continues to build until the very last minute. For a drama I wasn’t planning on watching, it blew me away by surprise. More! More!

………………………:: THE MAIN CAST ::

Mark Zhao

Mark Zhao

Vic Zhou

Vic Zhou

Janine Zhang

Ivy Chen

Ivy Chen

Janine Zhang




The series completed its broadcast in June, so all the episodes are available. This show was such a big hit that its movie-version sequel is slated for a production start date later this year. I highly recommend the show, especially if this isn’t your typical drama genre. Check out the soundtrack too.

Opening Credits:
(featuring OST title song “Rogue Justice” by Color Band and Mark Zhao)

Full Trailer:

[OST] Picks – “About Us”

To watch (with English subtitles):

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return to roots.

Luo Ye Gui Geng
Rather than using this post to explain as to why I haven’t updated this new blog of mine, I thought, why not just jump into a post of substance instead? And who better to push me to write than the top guy I admire? Yes, of course.

Leehom is releasing his newest album on July 13th. His 12th album will be titled 改变自己 (or Changing My Ways). Support him and pre-order your copy at yesasia or other sites. But perhaps the even more exciting news is that a single in the album has already been released. Temptation at its best. Would you also like to hear it?

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