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I have many interests that can’t really be considered hobbies. Let’s just say they are some of the joys in my life. For example: watching mv’s/anime/dramas, finding good music, hanging out with friends, learning dance moves, singing along, quiet times, night time, sight-seeing/traveling, spring & fall weather, photography, sharing a good laugh, learning something new, the smell of jasmine, et cetera. Ah, and let’s not forgetting blogging, which is the reason why I am here. :]

But as for the more personal information, I have disclosed some below:

Name: Linda
Age: 23
Location: Texas, USA
Old Blog: www.xanga.com/angelmkawsh

Feel free to reach me at linda.xue[at]gmail.com with feedback, comments, or questions. I hope you’ll enjoy the site. :]


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  1. Hello
    One day by seeking the videos on the topics Beethoven Virus I discovered a very pretty korean song and very melody, the song is called: CAN YOU HEAR ME , she was interpreted by KIM TAEYEON, a member in a group of nine girls: Girls’ Generation. This song is one of the original soundtrack of the series TV: “Beethoven Virus”. I hope that you also like it like me, for me the song is really very pretty musicalement.
    Thank so much

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