dream another dream


After watching “Wall-E” a while ago, I was filled with a sense of strangeness… Did this occur to anyone else? It took me a few minutes after the movie ended to come to my senses – that I was still living on this earth, and the state of the earth shown in the movie is unrealistic and impossible (well, maybe). It was a good movie.

LISTEN: Tank – “再做一个梦 (Dream Another Dream)”


Two very powerful words. Two things I am (have been) working on recently.

Even though my life is still far from put together, these days I feel much more peaceful. Sure my laptop completely crashed on me a couple of weeks ago locking years of music/pictures/files collected in it. Sure I would still prefer to be living by myself. Sure I wish I was saving more money. Sure, I would like to be in a serious relationship again. Sure my future is still undecided.

But, I am focusing on myself. I just bought a mac and am enjoying a newfound independence with this new laptop. I am building the strong relationship with my parents that I’ve always yearned. I am able to buy things for myself without asking my parents to pay. I have complete faith in God and know that He has the perfect guy for me in mind already. :] And I know the future will work out, and I am in full control.

Yesterday, I stayed late at work to 7:30pm. Today, I took the afternoon off from work to attend an information session at UTSW. After eating dinner at home, I headed to Whole Foods to buy a dessert before heading to Starbucks to “work” for a couple of hours. Then I headed to Barnes & Noble to browse the racks.

Books I’m currently reading: “What You Should Know About Politics… But Don’t” as well as “A Rulebook for Arguments”. Next time you see me, feel free to engage me in some insightful discussion, I welcome the opportunity to learn and hear more opinions.

Did I also mention that I’ve been cooking at home? :]

Dukbokki (spicy rice cake)

Dukbokki (spicy rice cake)

Bibimbap (mixed rice & vegetables)

Bibimbap (mixed rice & vegetables)

Since it is Friday night, I have decided to go catch “500 Days of Summer” at the theatre by myself. Plus! I’m finally going to church now. My Heavenly Father works in amazing ways.


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