detouring from the norm.


I had been planning and anticipating this for a month..
My trip this past weekend was fulfilling in so many ways.
Where should I begin…

LISTEN: Staci Frenes – “Surprise Me”

On my trip down to San Antonio.. I stopped in Waco to visit my “grandmother” and had lunch with her. She showed me around Baylor University and Waco, her hometown until college. Who knew that Baylor has an actual, real, live bear on campus! Sure UT has our real longhorn Bevo, but it only makes appearances at special events. There is an actual cage, with a pond and a resting area, for a bear in the middle of Baylor’s campus! Right beside the dorms! Craziness!

Staying with my BFF Ashleen and her family, I relished in being surrounded by the countryside. Every morning when I woke up, I saw baby fawns prancing around the front lawn with the mother guarding closeby.  Going to mass in the early morning with her family was felt so tranquil and serene because the church was located in the mountain. I can’t describe the beauty of occasional moments when the sunlight shined into the tent and unto the alters. I so regret not having my camera then.

Seeing my friends again was great, and I made a couple of new friends. All of it made me reminisce my times at Trinity and the fun times. Driving around San Antonio in my own car reminded me so much of freshman year, being driven everywhere by my seniors, and then the all-nighters out at Starbucks and Denny’s.

The highlight of my trip was probably Sunday during my drive back to Dallas. It was a day I had set aside for myself – to take a detour from the norm…

Trip pic 1 . Trip pic 2

“Driving down an open stretch of road
I take my time and enjoy the view
Every mile new miracles unfold
I am in wonder of You
To think that you would gladly give me all this
I am only capable of silence

It’s one of these times when I am realizing
That You’re so surprising
You’re so beyond my dreams
I live for this kind of moment when You let me know that
You’re so much more than I can see

I hurry through this life I know so well
So assured and oblivious
I confess that I so often fail
To see all the wonder in this
But gently You remind me with Your presence
Once again my busy heart is silenced

And all that I can do
Is marvel at the times when You
Reveal a little more of who You are
Oh it does my soul good […]
To know You’re close when you feel so far”

Route from SA to Dallas

These days, we all rely on major highways to get to our destinations in the shortest time possible. At times, that’s probably not fast enough when there is the option of tollways. Personally, I’m a firm believer in highways and I drive only 10+ the speed limit – my theory is, why waste time when you could get to where you’re going a little faster? Even though I often get impatient in traffic, I do love driving – at all times, especially by myself.

This time, I went for something a little different.

For my journey back home, I decided to take a more scenic route (route 281) instead of shooting straight up from I-35 (see map above). Having never done something like this before, I was so curious to see what the smaller town in Texas are like. Even though it took me 2 extra hours to reach home, it was such a valuable journey. I passed through so many towns that I’d only vaguely heard about previously – Blanco, Johnson City, Marble Falls, Burnet, Lampasas, Hamilton, Hico, Glenrose, Cleburne, Midlothian, etc. Many of these towns were so small that I didn’t realize I had reached it until I passed it.

The most shocking thing about this drive.. as unbelievable as it is still to myself.. was that I didn’t even listen to my music nor did I rely on coffee to stay awake. I drove mostly at the speed limit and even stopped a couple of times along the way to take pictures. What a carefree journey it was. No traffic. No stress. It was a time to myself. I only wish that I could have taken more pictures to share with you guys of all the neat things I saw..

I think this would be really nice shared with someone else in the car.
If I have the opportunity to do this again, I shall do that next time.

Trip pic 3


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