lost in translation.

LISTEN: 郭靜 (Claire Kuo) – “在树上唱歌 (Singing in the Trees)”

Over the course of this past week, I’ve realized that there are moments when I want to use a certain Chinese phrase to convey myself, but was unable to do so because it was hard to translate them smoothly to English. I’m aware that a certain amount of idea or expression is lost in translation going from one language to any other language. But at the right moments, being able to use these phrase seems very 妙 (meaning clever or ingenious); so I’m saddened that I can’t use them. Here is a list of a couple of common phrases (to me) that I can think of…

  1. 大惊小怪
  2. 难怪
  3. 过奖
  4. 随便
  5. 不见得
  6. 胡说八道
  7. 矛盾
  8. 过瘾
  9. 你客气了
  10. 少来
  11. 后会有期
  12. 不至于
  13. 不好意思
  14. 脸皮很厚

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to My Parents