Happy 2-14!

Chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries – a success!
Easy, I know, but I had to start somewhere..
And I’m experimenting.

Happy Valentine’s to you!

Below, a beautiful piano piece by Yiruma..
The same person who composed “Kiss the Rain”.

LISTEN: Yiruma – “Love”


The BOF craze continues…


LISTEN: Kim Yeon Wo – “Qing Fei De Yi”/ “情非得已” (Korean Version)

And then there were 3. Three versions of “Boys over Flowers” that is (you may be more familiar with the Taiwanese version called “Meteor Garden” or the Japanese version called “Hana Yori Dango”). Afterall, the original Japanese manga which all these series are based upon have placed the name “F4” forever atop the pedestal of popularity in Asian dramas.

The Korean production of their own “Boys over Flowers” debuted in the beginning of 2009. Even though we already know how the story goes, this rendition has added its own spins and side stories for it to not be so dull. Its viwership ratings have risen to the top over a matter of weeks. It’s the talk of Asian entertainment this year. So many people are watching – and it does live up to the hype. Perfect cast, great production, fun silliness.

To be honest and blunt, even though we know the story dwells on borderline absurdity (reality just doesn’t really play a big factor), it’s such a great, brainless, feel-good, fun, and light-hearted show. And I’m not ashamed to add that all of these F4 guys are mightily handsome and oh-so-worth fan-girling over. 😀 (Not to mention, my SS501‘s leader Kim Hyun Joong is casted as one of the F4 members!)

Watch it, you’ll get hooked.
There are 24 episodes in total, and 11 are broadcasted as of today.

BOF poster 2

I’m posting a couple of fan-made BOF videos.
Be forewarned of spoilers, they sort of go in order of the episodes.

If you’re interested in finding out a little more about this drama, there are so much information out there since this is getting so much publicity. In fact, go here: All BOF-related news and episode recaps at Dramabeans.

I hear that the Chinese and Philippines version of BOF is also in production. *raises eyebrows* But I’m pretty sure this Korean production is going to rank superior. :p (Biased, I know.)