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Luo Ye Gui Geng
Rather than using this post to explain as to why I haven’t updated this new blog of mine, I thought, why not just jump into a post of substance instead? And who better to push me to write than the top guy I admire? Yes, of course.

Leehom is releasing his newest album on July 13th. His 12th album will be titled 改变自己 (or Changing My Ways). Support him and pre-order your copy at yesasia or other sites. But perhaps the even more exciting news is that a single in the album has already been released. Temptation at its best. Would you also like to hear it?

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you let me love the game


Odd-numbered years are truly great. Why? Because the Spurs have dominated them since Tim Duncan came to the Spurs – 1999, 2003, 2005 (with the exception of 2001). The 2007 championships are not far out of their reach.

Last semester, when I was with some friends, they talked about how the Spurs sucked and would not go far in this year’s playoffs. It hurt. Now I can’t help but feel satisfied that the teams they were cheering for only wish that they’re in the position the Spurs are at now. Though I have nothing against the Rockets or the Mavericks winning the playoffs if the Spurs didn’t succeed. (HA, I just said the names. :p) Gloating is unnecessary, but being proud of the team whom I have a lot of respect for is definitely how I’m feeling now.

After all, I only came to love basketball after watching their games live, and with the help of Ashleen.

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